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Water is one of nature's most destructive forces. As can be seen from frequent news reports flooding is becoming a more common occurrence causing devastation to many homes and businesses. However rivers bursting their banks are actually the least common cause of flooding within a property. Much more common are burst pipes, sewage back-ups overflowing baths and faulty washing machines.

Water damage results in excessive moisture levels in the structure of the building; if it is not dealt with appropriately further secondary damage will occur, such as wood rot, mould and structural damage. Likewise contents and furniture within the property must be dealt with promptly and properly.

Firstly the property must be cleared of all remaining surface water; we do this with high capacity extractor pumps. We then clean and sanitise all affected areas to deal with problem causing microbes, fungal and mould growths. Then after an accurate assessment of the property we will employ a combination of rapid air movement from air movers and the drying power of dehumidifiers to remove trapped moisture from the building.

We have successfully restored hundreds of properties after a huge range of incidents from leaking pipes to sewage back-ups to full scale localised flooding. With our understanding of the science of drying and utilising our extensive fleet of specialist drying equipment we will ensure that your property is returned back to its pre-flood condition.
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